In order to apply for a residence permit extension to foreigners, at least 60 days (2 months) must remain before the expiry of the residence permit identification period. Those who want to obtain a new residence permit in Beylikdüzü must not have expired visa. Appointment address for foreigners who want to apply for Beylikdüzü residence permit; Residence permit appointment or extension can be made by connecting to this site at Photo and passport information and insurance are required to make a residence appointment.

Residence permit consultancy Beylikdüzü

Foreigners who want to live in our country must apply for a residence permit in order not to be a smuggler. Residence permit application or residence permit extension procedures for foreigners can be made online via the internet. Foreigners who will make a residence appointment in Beylikdüzü should in any case go to the e-residence official website or make an appointment with someone who knows. After making an appointment, you need to download the appointment form given to you from the system and print it out.

Beylikdüzü foreign residence permit application is made before the visa period expires for new entrants to the country. In order for foreigners to extend their residence permit in Beylikdüzü, their identity period must be less than 2 months.

Residence permit consultancy Beylikdüzü

Residence permit extension Beylikdüzü

You can also make your residence permit application process online yourself. You can create an appointment form by logging into the residence permit website (address given on the first line). For new arrivals with a residence permit, if they do not have a document stating that they came for any other purpose than the short-term application link, a residence appointment is made by selecting the category of those who will stay for tourism purposes. Make sure that your identity and contact information are not written correctly.

Beylikduzu foreign residence permit prices

Residence permit fees are 125 ₺ card fee, 80 $ fee, (758 ₺ first entry visa fee to some countries), 250 ₺ insurance according to age, 4 photos 30 ₺, rental contract notarized 75 ₺.

You can call 157 to get information about residence permit and work permit. Foreigners who will apply for a work permit in Beylikdüzü can get information by calling 170.

Beylikdüzü residence permit appointment

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